Saturday, August 27, 2016

KKK Grand Dragon endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Will Quigg, the Grand Dragon, of the California Chapter of the KKK has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  Quill, explained his endorsement in the way, "Clinton is saying one thing to get elected, but once in office her true colors will emerge and once President she will protect our borders and strongly support our Second Amendment rights.  When asked why he would believe such seemingly strange contradicts by Hillary----he noted that Hillary was one of the best liars in American History.  We must note, that as of the time of this posting Hillary Clinton has not denounced the endorsement of this renown Klan leader!  Come on gal, don't take longer than Trump needed to reject the endorsement of David Duke!  Personally I think both David Duke and Will Quigg really cares which of the two candidates wins in November.  Both were only out to garner support for their causes and perhaps gain a few more followers!  But then the, less than honorable lying lady from Chappaqua decided she should make an issue, to strengthen voter turn out in black precincts in November.   Source of story!
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