Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Media sees Brobdingnagian Faults of Trump and Lilliputian Flaws of Hillary

If you have read "Gulliver's Travels", like most you probably recall Gulliver's trip to Lilliput (land of the little people).  There the author, Jonathan Swift is pointing out the petty faults of people, much like the media of today is brushing over what they see as the little flaws of Hillary Clinton.  And then in another part of his novel which you may have missed,  Swift has Gulliver traveling to the land of the giants Brobdingnag, (land of the giants).  Here he is holding up a magnifying glass so that all the flaws of men are revealed.  This reminds me of how those in the media are looking at Donald Trump.  They want to magnify his flaws while, at the same time, minimizing those of Hillary Clinton.   
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