Monday, August 22, 2016

U.S. Sailor get 1 year in Prison for lesser offense than Hillary Clinton committed

Kristian Saucier a 22 year old Machinist aboard a Nuclear Submarine was sentenced to 1 year in prison with 3 years of electronic monitoring after release and a less than honorable discharge for taking 6 photos of classified areas aboard his submarine.  Kristian wanted the photos to show his family where he worked.  No evidence came forth at the trial that he had any intention of passing the images to some hostile power.  Kristian's biggest mistake was not changing his name to "Clinton" before snapping what turned out to be harmless images.  Double standard?  You bet your ass!!!!  His life has been destroyed while Hillary escapes scott free for what was obviously a more serious violation of national security.  Stop and think about this, Kristian Saucier will be sitting in a federal prison somewhere while Hillary Rotten Clinton is sworn in as President of the United States should she win the election.  If this doesn't make you madder that hell then nothing will.  This in not my America! 
Better image of Kristian Saucier
More than any other recent case, this one proves that Lady Justice is not blind.  Both Bill and Hillary have shown they are above the laws that the rest of us poor peons have to follow!  This 22 year old service man probably has done more for his country in his short life than that bitch from Chappaqua has done in her 70+ years!  Just think, because of his less than honorable discharge this naive young man will never be able to hold a government job while the portrait of President Hillary Clinton could hang in the White House.   
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