Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump accused of promoting violence while Democrats prove they are Violent

For months now we have heard the voices in the Main Stream Media and Democrats accuse Donald Trump of promoting violence.  These voices reached a fever pitch yesterday when they accused him of calling for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.  But then you seldom hear the truth from those in the media, but instead a twisted view of what is reported to be true.  The truth is that in this election cycle it is those on the left who again and again have proved they are the masters of violence.  Violence against Trump supporters and even an assassination attempt against the candidate himself has shown that the left is vastly more violent than those on the right.  However, violent acts by those on the right are akin to man biting dog, which makes them more news worthy whereas the same act by those on the left is seen as common place and of little interest to the general populous.  But that does not excuse the media for not reporting the violent acts.  And we must realize the media is driven for the most part, by a deep desire to see Donald Trump defeated in the upcoming election and Hillary Clinton elected President.  Consequently, certain truths are repressed and favorable lies promoted sanitized by those in a bias press.
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