Saturday, August 20, 2016

If Trump supporters are Racist then Hillay supporters are Liars and Criminals

Many of the lost souls on the left are totally convinced that Donald Trump supporters are Racist.  They are spurred on in this belief by some media commentators who see almost any white man (especially one like Donald) as part of that mythical white privileged class who is out to keep the blacks and browns of this world under their racist thumbs.  Because in the liberal world of the left almost anything said can in some way be determined to be racist.  The list of forbidden words and phrases that can be considered racist has grown exponentially  over the past few years.  Seems it's getting to the point that many over sensitive Americans are afraid to express themselves in public for fear of being label with that dreadful "R" word.  On the other hand, those on the political right have not yet reached the point of calling Hillary Clinton supporters liars and even criminals.  However, lying is certainly more in vogue these days than in decades past.  We all know the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.  I suspect if we were to call Hillary supporters liars, they would wear that as a badge of honor.  We've reached a sad point in this country.
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