Saturday, December 17, 2016

American News Media fall under influence of Svengali-like Russian Hackers

Vladimir Putin inspired Russian hackers, have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  These contemporary nerds, as it turns out, are more like modern day maleficent Svengali's in asserting their manipulative influence on the American Media and not the unsuspecting masses who were their original  targets.  It is becoming increasingly clear that it has been those in the hallowed halls of media corporate board rooms that have succumb to what has become the most persuasive factor of this recent election.  It has been the media and not the public that has taken the bait offered by the Boyz in the Kremlin.  Perhaps, the Russian Hackers provided a service to us, by not only exposing the truth about the Democratic Party and it's corruption but the rampant out-of-control bias within the media.       
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