Friday, December 9, 2016

Biggest Fake News Story of 2016: "Hands Up Don't Shoot"

The biggest and by far, the most widely reported fake news story of 2016 was one that came out of the tiny Missouri town of Ferguson.  It was a story that had it's authenticity question by some from it's very birth, but a story quickly accepted as the gospel by news outlets from coast to coast.  It was a story, that just had to be true, because after all, it fit the narrative of contemporary Fabulist.  Fabulist, who have been given the title of news reporters and the credentials to prove it. These reporters quickly embraced a story coming out of Ferguson.  A story that had as its unlikely victim one Michael Brown.  A gentle giant who had been accused of stealing a small pack of cigarillos from a local convenience store, after which he was unjustly accosted by a jack-booted racist white police officer who shot the poor black young man in the back as he was attempting to surrender.  This fable, this fake news story, spread like a wild prairie fire across the nation.  This "tale", and it was just that, lead to the deaths of police officers in NYC, Dallas, and Louisiana and the birth of a true race hating group who  dared to call themselves, "Black Lives Matter"!  

Today, Democrats seem to have an almost orgasmic like experience when pointing out fake news stories coming from sources like right wing blogs.  Sites they would love to have shutdown by their mighty internet allies on the "left coast".  But they remain strangely silent when it comes to the biggest fake news story of the year.  The discredited story of the poor young black man, Michael "hands up" Brown shot on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by a racist white storm trooper.     
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