Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Border Jumpers arrive before Wall built

When old Christopher arrived on the shores of America he found no Trumpian Wall restricting what would be a vast westward migration of the white man to the west and eventually the Pacific Ocean.  This of course, was not the white man's fault, but that of the Native American's open border policy.  A policy that would eventually see them placed on land unfit for anything except teepees and eventually tar-paper shacks.  However, it should be noted that, the Native American Indian has been able, despite the efforts of white-man, to maintain their beloved outdoor toilets.  One need only visit a reservation to see these proud relics of days gone by.  A philosopher, once said, the saddest words ever spoken were "what might have been".  I would suspect, the Native America just might agree.  Once again, America needs that wall.  A wall that must be built unless we go the way of the America Indian and become "strangers in our own land"!  
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