Friday, December 16, 2016

Doing a complete 180 turn Obama approves massive East - West Pipeline

After moving heaven and earth to stop construction of pipelines across the nation, suddenly the Obama administration has taken a complete 180 degree turn.  Obama has just asked Congress to approve the construction of a 3000 mile long pipeline connecting the east and west coast.  Tears of laughter were seen on the right side of the aisle as Nancy Pelosi introduced this new legislation in the House of Representatives. Some conservatives members of Congress have refused to consider this measure during the Lame Duck session of Congress, despite the desperation expressed by those on the left claiming their constituents were in dire need of immediate relief brought on by the events of the 2016 elections.  It seems that the Prozac plant recently built near Chicago to lessen the fears of the public due to the alarming increase in the rate of air-borne lead poisoning is now being expanded to deal with the worsening situations on both coast.  Hence, the need for a efficient means to transport this life-saving chemical to those in need. 
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