Monday, December 26, 2016

Following Trump inaugration United Nations Headquarters move to Zimbabwee

After stabbing Israel in the back with the complicity of the Obama administration the Republican controlled Congress passed a bill quickly signed by President Donald Trump that withdraws the 25% cost of maintaining the United Nations Building in NTC.  A building that sits on prime land in the Big Apple.  After going into the emergency secession following this action by Congress member states voted to move their headquarters to Zimbabwe.  Apparently this was the only location in the world where they could afford the rent, since they no longer had a sugar-daddy in the person of America.  The Trump kids, who now control the vast empire of Donald quickly recognized the opportunity afforded by this piece of prime real estate coming on the market could not let this bargain slip away and made an offer that was accepted by the consortium which had a controlling interest in this grand structure on the East River.  Proud of their newest acquisition the Trump children placed their father's logo on the once despised symbol of multi-multiculturalism and globalism.  Already members of the NYPD have been applauding the exit of the UN. 
Stating that the tens of thousands of parking citations issued for illegal parking by foreign diplomats around the former United Nations Building had never been paid and the prospects of that happening were more likely than a virgin birth in the city.
Meanwhile in Zimbabwe, the land of the most honored of African despots,  President Robert Maugabe, the United Nations will soon open it's new headquarters.  Just as quickly as they get the chicken shit off the floor. 
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