Sunday, December 11, 2016

Are Progressives attempting ot turn America into a Matriarchal Society

Do progressives have, shall we call it, a stealth agenda for turning America into a Matriarchal society.  While women are destined for fight in a combat role in the armed forces, at the same time we are breeding a generation of cream puff males at our universities.  Men, at least they call themselves that, who will not take the responsibility of raising a family.  Men (the vast majority) who will not lift a finger to fight for the nation's security.  Men, who in fact, are afraid to touch that terrible thing call a gun. 
While on the other hand, women are picking up the weapons of war to fight America's enemy----one might say, modern day Amazons!  On a personal note:  My father in addition to being a teacher was also a barber.  Remember those days when you could visit the local Barber Shop and always hear the latest non-politically correct joke from the man behind the chain.  I'm quite confident that women had the same experience at their neighborhood Beauty Salon!  Now however, if as a man, you visit that same Barber Shop----guess what?  Only women behind the chairs.  No more male orientated jokes or stories about that great fish that got away.  Puff---like magic--it's all gone.  Something is afoot in this nation and I for one fear the end result.

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Kid said...

I'm so happy I can come here now and not see a picture of the hildebeast. Thank You so much.

Yea, the male is in decline due to PC, climate change and the ever present communist agenda to destroy all of our precious bodily fluids.