Friday, December 30, 2016

Duck Dynasty Clan travels to Washington hoping to bag the Elusive Brown Crested Big-billed Lame Duck

The Good-ole-Boyz of the Duck Dynasty Clan are oiling their 12gauges and testing their duck-calls in eager preparation for the long-awaited opening day of the Lame Duck season in the nations capital.  They all hope to fill their bag limit, but the ultimate goal of each is to bring down that most elusive of all Lame Ducks, the rare Brown-crested Big-billed Quacker.  This domestic bird (well we're really not sure about it's origin), has eluded the nations most stealthy hunters for over 8 years.  This foul fowl Quacker is best known for silencing the quacks of others in the pond as he struts his stuff.  However, lately their seems to be a new Quacker on the block---do we dare call him Donald Duck.  At any rate the gold-crested Donald seems to have garnered the attention of most ducks in the pond---which are one by one are migrating toward the new "Drake of the Walk"!  For those who have never had baked wild duck, you may not be aware that quacker meat is all dark---nope, no white breast or wings.  But I would suspect that the meat from the brown-crested big-billed Quacker would be far  for most and would even present a challenge for the Clan from Louisiana.  I would humbly suggest that should they be fortunate enough to bag the big one they should have him mounted and placed on the bar facing a TV perpetually tuned to FOX News.

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