Saturday, December 31, 2016

Are Democrats becoming the party of National Socialist (Nationalsozialistische)

During the election cycle many Democrats and they friends in the media often referred to Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolph Hitler.  This was a constant theme.  But it was Democrats not Republicans that nearly chose a self-described socialist as their standard bearer.  Matter of fact it was the party leaders and not the voters that selected Hillary.  The WikiLeaks email releases more or less confirmed this.  And don't forget just a few days ago the Obama Administration basically stabbed Israel in the back.  I have noticed for some time that many in the so-called progressive Democratic party have moved away from America's long standing support of the Jewish State, while at the same time sliding further to the left and embracing socialism. 
As best I remember those in the German Nazi party were referred to as National Socialist.  The current Democratic Party seems to be moving in that direction, while at the same time accusing those on the right of being dirty rotten stinking Nazis.  Guess they have become experts at Nazi identification---after all they do look into the mirror at least once daily.  Kind of makes one wonder if, subconsciously, they hate what they see!  After all, antisemitism and socialism are alive and flourishing in the Party of Barack Obama.      
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