Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are Toy Guns Protected by the Second Amendment?

This is a real stretch by the ATF. Apparently the ATF has decided to go after toy guns because they have no protection under the Second Amendment. Seizing Airsoft pellet guns because they might easily be converted into a "Machine Gun". What planet are these guys from and what do they really know about firearms. I suspect many are just young kids out of college who never handled a gun until they joined the ATF. I owe several Airsoft guns and the metal they are made of would not with stand more than several rounds of real ammo before the barrel melted down of just exploded. I don't know the caliber of these guns, but most AirSoft guns are .177cal and a few are .22cal. Some Airsoft guns are fully automatic, but the barrel doesn't heat during rapid fire, in fact just the opposite occurs since the pellet guns use CO2 gas and when firing the barrels get colder. I suspect these guys had little else to do and targeted a toy that looked menacing. Just another effort by Obama's Justice Department to make inroads on guns rights because they are having little luck in the federal court system. Yes, now Eric Holder and Barack Hussein can crow to their left base and boast about taking danger "Machine Guns" off the streets of America, while leaving out the fact they were air guns, but then liberal don't know the difference. To them a gun is a gun!
Feds Seize Toys, Call Them 'Machine Guns'
A gun rights organization has launched a Freedom of Information request following a decision by federal Customs and Border Protection agents to seize a shipment of toy pellet guns and a determination by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that they could be converted into machine guns so they must be destroyed.

Government agencies have explained that the Airsoft toys, made of a soft pot metal and lacking a firing mechanism, easily could be converted into a true weapon capable of automatic fire.

"Our firearms technology branch classified this as a machine gun," BATFE Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw said in a report assembled by Gun Owners of America. "With minimal work it could be converted to a machine gun."

Gun Owners spokesman Erich Pratt told WND today his organization has launched a FOIA demand for information to find out on what basis the government reached that conclusion.

The case stems from the confiscation just weeks ago of the shipment of several dozen of the plastic pellet-firing Airsoft toys from Brad Martin and his son, Ben, in Cornelius, Ore. Source: Fox Nation
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