Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care is Just Another Form of Wealth Distribution

This new health care bill has nothing to do with health care but is just a smoke screen for what Obama calls "redistributive change" the hallmark of communism. I have often held back and refrained from calling BHO a communist but its becoming clearer each day that he is indeed a full blown Marxist in the truest sense of the word. Many who voted for ObamaCare honestly believe they are helping people who are without health insurance and I understand that. But let us be honest about one thing---no one in this country is denied medical care under the current system, not even those who are here illegally. This current plan is just a first step in destroying the private health insurance companies of America and putting the government in total control of the health care industry. Under this plan Medicaid will be greatly expanded and many doctors will stop seeing those that are now seen using this program. The states will eventually have this additional burden placed on them and all of us, I repeat all of us will see a rise in state taxes to support this additional cost and that will be compounded by a rise in the cost of virtually everything we buy---California here we come!

This vote is a benchmark in American history and a beginning of a disintegration of the America we know and love. Those Americans who have worked hard and saved for there future welfare will have their pockets picked by those teeming masses who have sat on their lazy asses for decades looking to government for their every need. The passage of this bill is only a first step toward Obama's dream of "Wealth Redistribution" and is a vain attempt to help some up by tearing others down. In the end we will all be dragged down and only those elites in power will have the good lives so many of us enjoy now. Wealth Redistribution is nothing but a road to poverty for all and has always been so. Obama has done in a short years something the former mighty Soviet Union could not do in decades. He and his fellow travelers are ripping apart the fabric of the nation while shredding the values laid down in the Constitution. Obama and every one who supports him must be removed from government at every level and the nation purged of this evil infestation of Marxism.
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