Friday, March 5, 2010

Wildlife and the Public's Safety

The below story is about a dog-eating black bear, and ties into the point I wish to make. Over the past 30-40 years the number of animals that can be classified as predators has sharply increased not only in the rural areas of America but in the suburbs. One need only look at the exploding alligator population in many southern states, the inroads the western coyote has made in most areas east of the Mississippi River, the vastly increased black bear population, the expanding wolf population in the western states and to a lesser extent into some areas east of the Mississippi and finally the occasional reports of big cats seen in areas where they were formally extinct.

Sure its nice for the city dweller who makes an occasionally trip to the countryside to get a fleeting glance at these beautiful creatures. But for those who live in these areas these same animals, these predators are becoming more and more a threat to livestock, family pets and in some case the humans who live there and visit. Its no longer safe to swim in many lakes in Florida and Louisiana, its unwise to take your dog into a forest area and give him free reign, its unsafe to leave you small children alone even for a minute in many nature areas. Its easy for those who live in the city to say leave those animals alone they aren't hurting anyone; but for those who must live next to them in the rural parts of America its another story. The balance has tipped in favor of the predator in this country not just the two-legged kind, but that four-legged furry one as well. New Jersey Authorities Capture Dog-Eating Black Bear

A dog-eating black bear was tranquilized by authorities in New Jersey Thursday after it became stuck under the backyard deck of a house.

The bear was spotted in several locations in Wayne, about 15 miles from midtown Manhattan, Wednesday night after killing a homeowner’s border collie. Another resident reported her two Labrador retrievers were missing.

Members of the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife removed the bear from under the deck after tranquilizing it.

Wayne Police Department officials said the bear will be euthanized, according to Fox 5 News reporter Mike Gilliam.

The American black bear is the smallest and most common species of bear. Source: FOX News
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