Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Worry, It's Greased!

Don't Worry
I Greased It with the
Sweat of Tax-Payers!

Its the final round and Barack is ready! He's pulling out all the stops and getting ready to let you have it where the sun don't shine. He is a dedicated socialist who knows exactly what's right for you and yours and he is determined to advance his position in anyway. Yes with him, the "ends justifies the means" and he's out to stick it to you. He thinks you'll like what you are about to get and will clamor for more and he will only be too willing to oblige, using your money. Yep, unless you stand up you're about to get it shoved up your a*s!


Maggie Thornton said...

Well put. I'm planning to join those willing to stand up and say No Way, unless the House passes the Senate Bill the "old fashioned way."

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oooooo, the gloves are off (sorry, couldn't resist that one): Mr Obaka says he won't campaign for those Demorats who don't vote for ObakaKare.

Some are wondering -- or is it hoping -- if that's a promise.


PatriotUSA said...

The 'president' who will stoop so low as to ensure his own stamp up the rear of the American people.

Those democrats, who
the mullah obamaham said
He will not campaign for
should be very thankful.

I never knew I could dislike an
individual so much until the mussie
obamaham slimed into the office of

TexasFred said...

ANY, let me repeat that, ANY form of this bill passing WILL result in an outright BLOOD BATH, figuratively, at the polls, and possibly, literally, in the streets...

I am NOT advocating violent civil insurrection against the elected government of this nation, but there are those that are, and I am not going to rule out joining them either...

What the hell will we have to lose??

Teresa said...

This is crunch time for giving an earful to these congressman a$$hats. WE must fight to keep our liberty and freedom. These Congresscriminals must know if they vote Yes on Obamascare then that will mean the end of their careers in government. I am saying no way to this trickery being done by Dems and Obama admin- the slaughter rule and Demon-Pass rule.

John Carey said...

I contacted my undecided representative today Earl Pomeroy. Told his staffer that if he votes for this, he is done this November. I also contacted my local state senator and asked if he would consider introducing legislation to the state capital to exempt ND from this terrible bill if it becomes law by any means.

Always On Watch said...

That graphic says it all!

Will America stand for this reaming?

MK said...

"He thinks you'll like what you are about to get...."

He knows you won't like it, just doesn't give a damn. I guess it's that famous diversity of opinion that leftists are so famous for.