Monday, March 29, 2010


It seems these days that anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist. That was a campaign tactic that's now been transferred to his administration. Really, what is a racist. I prefer to associate with whites in general more than with blacks---therefore, I'm racist. Does it not matter that I have more in common with them, guess not--I'm racist. Tried to speak to some Mexicans the other day at the store, suppose they couldn't understand me, so I went on with my shopping--I'm racist. I support legal immigration, not illegal immigration--I'm racist. I think most of Obama's policies are foolish--I'm racist. So what is a racist? Took the time to look it up--says a racist is someone who has an unreasoning dislike for someone of another race. Gosh, that lets me off the hook, I have reasons for my dislikes. I dislike some Arabs because they want to kill me so I guess that one is ok. I dislike some Mexicans because they jumped the fence so that one is ok. I dislike some blacks because they feel I owe them something guess that one is ok. And finally, I dislike liberals, because I simply cannot tolerate fools, guess that one is ok, too. Gee, maybe I'm not racist.

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Hack said...

Ron, this is one of the best rants I've heard in a while!

PatriotUSA said...

Wow, great read before I crash!
Well, I certainly have been
called a racist, and more.
But now I know that I am not
a racist, thanks to this.

Liberals?? Sadly, most I
know fall under the definition
of Racist simply because they
only really like themselves
and have zero tolerance of

No matter what they tell me
or how they try to convince me,
liberals and i will never really
get along. You said it, just
cannot tolerate fools who see
themselves as superior and
never wrong.

The Born Again American said...

I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to finish so I can start my day...

Thanks Ron, I can start it wiyhout feeling guilty about being a racist...

MK said...

Definitions don't matter any more Ron, the liberals don't care for them, you're still a racist to them.

The time has come for us to roll up our sleeves and descend into the swamps with them. If they won't follow the actual definition, then return the favor, call them racist and fascist right back.

We've sat back and stood back and defended for far too long, time to force-feed them their own medicine.


Welcome to the club.

Debbie said...

No racist bigot here Ron. Color/race has nothing to do with it. I look at each individual person as just that, a person, a human being, no better, no worse than I am. Until I get to know them that is...

Then I judge them on their beliefs, actions, etc.

Right Truth

TexasFred said...

Racist: check

Bigot: check

Normal American: check

Yeah, I am...

John Carey said...

The left always throws the racist card out there because it is an emotionally charged tactic. They want the people to think with their emotions and not with their minds. Personally it's getting a little old and stale. Maybe they should re-read Saul Alinsky and try something new. After all he says not to overuse a tactic.

Matt said...

MK kinda beat me to it, but yeah, it's not if you're really a racist on not, it's just the label the libs slap on us in an attempt discredit us.

Dolley Madison said...

Well said! Unfortunately by crying racist wolf so often, they are diminishing real racism, which has no place in the public arena.

Teresa said...

Loved the rant, Ron!! Liberal rejects who judge people by their skin color are the racists. We are American Patriots!

LD Jackson said...

Very good article, Ron. I think you nailed it squarely on the head on this one. Too many actions are being called racists when they are no such thing.