Friday, March 5, 2010

Size Matters

Leave it to the Swiss. Once again European progressives are leading the world in stupidity. Recently a Swiss condom manufacturer began production of extra-small condoms for boys as young as 12 years old. Can one really imagine a young teenage boy going into the pharmacy and asking for an extra small condom--as John Wayne would have said, "That'll be the Day!" Apart from the sheer commercial ignorance of this venture by the Swiss, do we really need to do anything else to encourage sex among young teens. I predict the "Hotshot", the new condom's name, will have a "short" history for in this day of exaggerated self important "size matters"

'Extra Small' Condoms for 12-Year-Old Boys Go on Sale

A leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland has created extra-small condoms for boys as young as 12 years old, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported.

The condom, called the Hotshot, was produced after family planning groups and the Swiss AIDS Federation campaigned to have the condoms made following several studies that showed adolescent boys were not using proper protection when engaging in intercourse.

"The result that shocked us concerned young boys who display apparently risky behavior,” Nancy Bodmer, who headed the research, told the newspaper. “They have more of a tendency not to protect themselves. They do not have a very developed sexual knowledge. They do not understand the consequences of what they are doing and leave the young girls to take care of the consequences.”

Bodmer said the results of the study suggest that early prevention makes sense.

A spokeswoman for the company, Lamprecht AG, said the United Kingdom would be a “top priority” if they expanded abroad, especially since the U.K. has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Europe.

A standard condom has a diameter of 2 inches; the Hotshot's is 1.7 inches. Read full story The Telegraph


Bitmap said...

Maybe they could give them a name like "Big Dogs"? Image trumps reality.

I think this is the silliest thing I've heard of since socialized medicine.

Daphne Of Argos said...

*shakes head* so instead of promoting abstinence, to prevent these 12 year old kids, they want to hand them condoms? It's like the education czar wanting to teach sex education to 5 year olds... what is this world coming to?

MK said...

The condom company is merely responding to moral bankruptcy of today's world. It's not the condom company that's responsible for young boys engaging in underage sex, that lies squarely at the door of the progressive movement.

Debbie said...

The idea of 12 years olds having sex is beyond me, they are still babies.

But if they are going to have sex no matter what, I think they should be protected from diseases.

The bigger question is "who are 12 year old boys having sec with?" Girls the same age? Older girls? Younger girls????

It boggles the mind.

(Out only grandchild, a boy, is 12. Picturing him old enough to have sex is impossible.)

Right Truth

banned said...

I agree Ron, no self-respecting boy is going to ask for a small condom and the whole venture is doomed to fail but at least the Swiss are awake to the practical realities of the real world.
The 'underaged' willhave sex because it is fun, it is free and it is illegal which makes it more fun, simples.

In England the self-righteous nannies pretend not to understand why it is that we have the highest rate of teen pregnacies in Europe (dunno whether that includes 18/19 year olds). They say it must be because our teens lack information or have low self-esteem and are thus in need of ever more 'education and support' (ie well paid employment for those self-same righteous busybodies).

Our teens know perfectly well how babies are made and that unprotected sex will likely result in one; they also know that nanny will provide a home and free money for an unwed mother and her offspring. This has been the case for decades which is why we now have familes of three generations with no menfolk and no experience of work.
The righteous condemn this as an urban myth.

Maggie Thornton said...

The Swiss households encouraging their children to always have a tiny condom on hand :-) probably invite the young boys and girls to a sleep over.

Daphne of Argos mentions Kevin Jennings, our Safe Schools Czar. He would be behind this 100%.

There are so many ways that our children are snatched out of their childhood. Here's another.

Matt said...

I think if I were a Brit, I would be offended.

Seriously though, marketing condoms to 12 year olds does show the moral rot in western culture.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

That is unbelievable, I just don't know what else to say!

Teresa said...

Encouraging kids to be promiscuous is outrageous. Stealing the children's childhood and encouraging them to enter adulthood should be considered a form of child abuse. But, I can't see this little condom industry lasting.