Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama Blocks Delivery of Bunker-Busters to Israel

Recently came across a post at The Astute Blogger on a story that has been buried by the MSM. It seems that the Obama administration has decided to divert a shipment of bunker-buster bombs from being delivered to a military base in Israel. After the recent flare-up during Biden's visit to Israel over the expansion of Jewish settlements in Jerusalem this seems a measure to punish the Jewish state. This is not the first punitive action taken by the Obama administration. Since taking office, Obama has refused all request from Israel for weapon platforms and advanced weapons. Obama has effectively cut off Israel from securing any advanced weaponry from the United States. A striking reversal from policies of past administrations. But then we have never had an Arab-American president before.

Obama blocks delivery of bunker-busters to Israel

The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel.

Officials said the U.S. military was ordered to divert a shipment of smart bunker-buster bombs from Israel to a military base in Diego Garcia. They said the shipment of 387 smart munitions had been slated to join pre-positioned U.S. military equipment in Israel Air Force bases.
"This was a political decision," an official said.

In 2008, the United States approved an Israeli request for bunker-busters capable of destroying underground facilities, including Iranian nuclear weapons sites. Officials said delivery of the weapons was held up by the administration of President Barack Obama.

Since taking office, Obama has refused to approve any major Israeli requests for U.S. weapons platforms or advanced systems. Officials said this included proposed Israeli procurement of AH-64D Apache attack helicopters, refueling systems, advanced munitions and data on a stealth variant of the F-15E.

"All signs indicate that this will continue in 2010," a congressional source familiar with the Israeli military requests said. "This is really an embargo, but nobody talks about it publicly."

Under the plan, the U.S. military was to have stored 195 BLU-110 and 192 BLU-117 munitions in unspecified air force bases in Israel. The U.S. military uses four Israeli bases for the storage of about $400 million worth of pre-positioned equipment meant for use by either Washington or Jerusalem in any regional war.

In January 2010, the administration agreed to an Israeli request to double the amount of U.S. military stockpiles to $800 million. Officials said the bunker-busters as well as Patriot missile interceptors were included in the agreement.

The decision to divert the BLU munitions was taken amid the crisis between Israel and the United States over planned construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem. The administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has warned that Washington could reduce military aid to Israel because of its construction policy. read full story at World Tribune

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MK said...

Many warned israel to watch their backs when obama came into power, i hope they listened. And i hope other nations took note as well, you cannot depend on a leftist for help.

hbl said...

Israel only needs to sit tight until January, 2013.

Debbie said...

They announced today that Netanyahu and Obama would be meeting next Tuesday. I hope BeBe gived Barack an earful.

Right Truth

Proof said...

This could get ugly. Israel has always been our first line of defense against Arab nukes.
Now Obama is attempting to pull their teeth

The Born Again American said...

You're exactly right about our Arab-American president or Muslim-N-Chief...

I received an email yesterday explaining why Michele never accompanies Barack to Arab / Muslim countries... I guess it's taboo for a Muslim to take his wife to a country that practices Sharia law...

This bastard is going to do everything in his power to see Israel destroyed... This being said, isn't it amazing that here the majority of Jews still vote a straight democrat ticket...

TexasFred said...

Obama proves daily that he HATES all things free and good!

I, for one, am an American that supports Israel and detests Obama and his gang of criminals...

Teresa said...

This twat of a President is a freaking piece of work. Now he's cutting off or screwing the most reliable ally we have in the Middle East. Send the damn Arab back.

John Carey said...

With every passing day this President displays his true intentions. The people are finally starting to wake up.

PatriotUSA said...

Muslim in the White House.
Muslim appointed to TSA
Stealth Jihad is MO for
Obama, CAIR and other Islamic
organizations. Traitor to
our allies, stabs them in the
back. He apologizes to the pig
king of our enemy, Saudia Arabia.

It will get worse before IT
is gone. However he is gone
from office.

Proof: It is already ugly
and moving beyond.

Born Agaian American:
Absolutely correct.
Shariah law is Islam's hell
for the rest of the free


Of course in the war on terror, the last thing we would want is a well armed Israel.