Monday, March 15, 2010

Tea Party and Victory!

At his point in what will be a long uphill struggle, we must not search for that candidate who is represents all we agree with for that man doesn't exist. We must have a limited approach and like a toddler, take one step at a time building a strong foundation as we progress toward our goal. A strong house isn't built over night and without a solid foundation isn't worth having. Like most who read this blog, I would prefer that the Tea Party movement adopt strong stands on social issues, but that is not to be at this time. We will have time somewhere down the line for that, after all victory will come to the patient. The road ahead is filled with many obstacles and hidden mines and must be navigated slowly and methodically less we fall victim to our own zeal and eagerness for victory.

Now is the time for caution, and although we can begin to see some light it would be a mistake to rush the center of the enemy's line as Lee did at Gettysburg in hope of achieving that crowning victory. The enemy's flank is weak, let us hit him there and then advance on to Washington!!!
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