Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Don't Need No Stinking National ID Card!

When the debate over health care is over you should brace yourself for the next big issue coming down the road which will be immigration reform and some in Congress are already beginning to work on this, namely Chuck Schumer that liberal democrat from NY and the infamous RINO, Lindsay Graham from SC. They have joined forces to push immigration reform on the American people. So far John McCain has stayed out of the early efforts, well he is up for re-election this year and knows how the people in Arizona feel about this effort especially those who will vote in the republican primary.

One of the first ideas floated is that of a National ID Card. A card that all Americans seeking employment would have to present to employers before being hired. This would be a biometric card designed to prevent undocumented worker from being employed. Futile efforts such as this remind me of restrictive guns laws enacted to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. What laws such as this do is to place undue hardships on the average law-abiding citizen and nothing more. The undocumented will always find a way around such actions.

Finally there is the matter of personal liberty. The National ID Card would essentially treat every American like a criminal, required intimate person data to be entered into a government database. Personally I am tired of my personal liberty's being restricted because others choose to break the law. I am tired of having to "press 1" for English. I resist the idea of carrying another government ID because someone else sneaked into the country. It is un-American for me to be punished for crimes committed by others. Frankly, Chucky and Lindsay you two can take that damn card and shove it where the light don't shine. I'm not a dog and don't need your damn dog tag to prove I'm a American, just seal the freaking border!


hbl said...

Closing the border IS the solution.

I believe the main reason a national i.d. is being pursued is because a majority of our legislators are not factoring constitutional guarantees into their thinking.

Rather, they go the progressive route of viewing an increased bureaucracy as a 'once and done' solution for every problem.

This increasing progressivism at the national level has been a problem for the last fifty years. And, it is now at an extreme with O's presidency; he being the consummate progressive. It is imperative the few conservative legislators be encouraged to stand firm in opposition pending restoration of constitutional government.

The Born Again American said...

Again, this has absolutely nothing, nill, zilch, nodda to do with imigration, but one more constitutional right being taken from us... These progs (I'D kiss a frog, but not a prog) want to control every aspect of our lives and have a tracking device such as a national ID to do it with...

As you eluded to, just close the border... Then round each and every freaking illegal criminal (as my main man Ted Nugent calls them) along with any freaking kids they so conveniently dumped on us and throw them back across... 50 calibers mounted on the fence, shoot a couple hundred and perhaps the rest of them might take the hint... We on the RIGHT don't need no stinking illegal voter base or your stinking ID card...

If my comments got some liberal, progressive A**HOLE to piss themselves, then my work here is done...

PatriotUSA said...

I am an AMERICAN! F--K these asshats politicians who cannot
think for themselves even when
the solution is right in front of them. Indeed, seal the borders, load the illegals up on buses and dump them across the border. Any who refuse get shot. Any who come back, shoot them. If our borders ever do get sealed then those who 'get in' will deserve to be shot.

Born Again American:
we still have alot of work to do.
There are still too many illegals
and progressive,
regressive libtards,
and some others
that need to get the message,
or get voted out of office.
Don't like it?
You are free to leave.
Please, do us all a favor
and don't try to come back.

Debbie said...

Lindsey Graham rides again.

Very sad.

Right Truth

Mr Pink Eyes said...

McCain will avoid this issue during this election year because it is a loser. Why is it that the law abiding citizen always is the one that has to feel the burden instead of the criminals? It is so frustrating!
The solution is simple-- close the borders. Do not infringe on the rights of the American people.Remember the uproar over the real ID card that Bush proposed? It will be interesting to see of the left opposes this idea now that "the one" is proposing it.

christian soldier said...

got up very early Thurs. to post about the Nat. ID ---1984--anyone..
Mine has a poem :-)


The National ID card? We already can not do anything without 2 forms of photo id, unless we are illegals. In Utah I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get my stolen drivers licence replaced. While arguing with the Drivers licence people I saw Jose walk in off the street with no ID and get a drivers licence in less than 20 minutes.

MK said...

"I'm not a dog and don't need your damn dog tag to prove I'm a American, just seal the freaking border!"

That alone proves that it's just a stunt aimed really at imposing an additional cost on people and also to take a bit of your freedom away.

Bill Smith said...

One thing I was always proud of while serving in other countries, I knew that we in American could walk across this country without having a national identity card to prove who we were. In Europe, everyone was required to have a national id card from their country or to be carrying a current passport. Lord help you if the police stopped you and you did not have your id. I know personally of a teenage son of another officer who was out without his id card. He was beaten on the spot and then taken to jail. And this young man had a diplomatic id card because of his father and would not have been touched if he had had this card on his person. No man or woman should live in such fear.

The Nazi tattooed the Jews and made all the other Germans and people win the countries they occupied have ID cards. After the war, the practice in Europe continued. The people got use to it. Now no one is free. It then becomes easy to for Government to take action to separate out those groups and peoples that it wishes to control. I am not saying that in Europe they are doing so at the moment.

But in Muslim controlled countries, they are persecuting Christians, Jews, and any other people with religions or practices that do not conform to their religious requirements.

Members of our government using some ill conceived logic want the majority of us to surrender our individual liberty and rights as a person and to carry an ID cards, so that said government can allegedly determine who is in the U.S. illegally. Such lunacy. And, it is disappointing that RINO Graham is supporting such efforts and playing into the hands of the Obama administration.