Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Michigan State Professor Asks Muslims to Leave Country!

Campus Muslims
Finally a voice of sanity from the halls of academia. A Michigan State professor, Indred Wichman, has had enough of the campus Muslim Students Association. That association is protesting the Danish cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. The group complained the cartoons were "hate speech. On most campuses in this country the voices of reason, the voices of truth are drowned out by the shrill sounds from the left as they shout down those who disagree. Professor Wichman's voice is like a fresh breeze blowing away the stench of the leftest dogma that is stifling dissent in the elitist world of academia. The following is an E-mail sent to the Muslim students telling them to leave the country.

Professor Wichman E-mail
A Michigan professor sent an e-mail telling Muslim students to leave the country.

The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indred Wichman.

Enter Professor Wichman.
In his e-mail, he said the following:

Dear Muslim Association,
As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest. I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey), burnings of Christian churches, the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women (called 'whores' in your culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France.
This is what offends me, a soft-spoken person and academic, and many, many of my colleagues. I counsel you dissatisfied, aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized slave-trading Muslims to be very aware of this as you proceed with your infantile 'protests.'
If you do not like the values of the West - see the 1st Amendment - you are free to leave. I hope for God's sake that most of you choose that option.
Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.

I. S. Wichman
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

As you can imagine,
the Muslim group at the university didn't like this too well.
They're demanding that Wichman be reprimanded and the university impose mandatory diversity training for faculty.
And mandate a seminar on hate and discrimination for all freshmen.
Now the local chapter of CAIR has jumped into the fray .
CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, apparently doesn't believe that the good professor had the right to express his opinion.

For its part, the university is standing its ground in support of Professor Wichman,
saying the e-mail was private, and they don't intend to publicly condemn his remarks.


Bitmap said...

Good for MSU standing up, although I'm surprised they did.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

Is it me, or is the voice of sanity slowly returning to our great country? Too much has happened in the last year for me to discount such a possibility.

Findalis said...

I give the University 1 month and the filing of a lawsuit by CAIR and the demands of the MSU will be done.

Bob McCarty Writes said...

The only problem is that this e-mail was sent more than four years ago, according to SNOPES -- Bob McCarty

Teresa said...

That is awesome!! MSU standing up for this professor that stood up to these nutball Islamic extremists. They should get the heck out of the country if they hate it so much.

The Born Again American said...

Bob, the date of the email is irrelevant, the content is what counts... The onslaught of Islam in this country and around the globe is of utmost importance... These people have a plan to overtake the planet and it is being fueled by political correctness... F**K political correctness, send these bastards home... If they won't assimilate into our country and culture, far be it from me to deny their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME... Allah Akbar your asses out of here...

TexasFred said...

I stand and salute this BRAVE man! And I 2nd his opinions...

PatriotUSA said...

This should become a law
and national policy.

Bob: I do recall reading about this at
Jihad Watch or another
site I cannot recall for sure.

WE could start with the Muslim
who is posing as POTUS.

Debbie said...

Even though this was from February 28, 2006, it should be noted that the university refused to reprimand the professor, saying it was his free speech right to say what he did.

Right Truth

Maggie Thornton said...

This is a rare example of a University standing behind a conservative viewpoint. I hope this Prof. has been able to go forward with his career without having this dog him at every turn.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great find my friend..bout bloody time someone spoke out!..added u to my blogroll too buddy.thanks~!~

christian soldier said...

michigan the home of the first place to allow open -loud-speakered muslim 'prayers' and w/ a HUGE muslim population has an university who stands up to CAIR!!!!!!WOW...and to think I chose another university over MSU!!!...I say =GOOD ON THEM!!!!!

KG said...

And of course, it's an engineer who speaks out, not some half-assed marxist from the social-so-called-sciences.
Good for him!

MK said...

Good on him.

"...the university is standing its ground in support of Professor Wichman..."

That's a surprise, usually the cowards & dhimmis in academia are the first to oppress those who dare to speak their minds.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

If this is true, it's fantastic! I hope to God that Constitutional Crusader is right and this is another sign that sanity is returning to this country. It wouldn't hurt my feelings one tiny bit if everyone of every race, religion, gender, and whatever who did not LOVE America got the heck out. Seriously. I'm that aggravated by the crap. All of it.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Bravo for MSU, I hope the do not succumb to the pressure that I am syre will be applied to them to fire this professor.

LD Jackson said...

Short, simple, and to the point. There isn't a thing wrong with what he said and it shouldn't even be considered controversial.

Snarky Basterd said...

Dude just got his ass fired, Ron.

Bill Smith said...

Ditto, Ron's statement: "Professor Wichman's voice is like a fresh breeze blowing away the stench of the leftest dogma that is stifling dissent in the elitist world of academia."

On college campuses, cite a Bible reference and you get booted. Roll out a prayer rug, and everyone stops and thanks it is cool. Novelty and the absence of real info and understanding about the dangers of Islam could destroy America.

banned said...

That would get anybody in a British university sacked within hours, same goes for the whole of the public sector including quangos and fake charities; sadly the same result would happen to anyone identified in many private corporations as they suck up to our evil socialist masters.

Helen Nathan said...
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