Thursday, March 11, 2010

Obamacare Could Drastically Reduce Number of Practicing Physicians in America!

Recently read a great article over at Bloviating Zeppelin about the possible consequences of passing Obamacare. A great read: Bloviating Zeppelin: What if nearly half of all physicians in America stopped practicing medicine?



Debbie said...

I can vouch for this. We've heard from several physicians who are contemplating what they will do if Obamacare is passed. It doesn't look good. Some are even thinking of moving their practice out of the country, say to the Caribbean.

The Grouch doesn't have a private practice any more, he strictly does ER.

Right Truth

MK said...

When they stop, the dems will insist on passing urgent laws forcing them to work or some such shit.

What'll you'll never get is the left acknowledging that socialized medicine is a failure. It does so much for their agenda for them to do that.