Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back Pack Glut in Texas and Arizona

Everyone knows those backpacks coming across our southern border are full of beans and tacos.  Well, that's not entirely true!  Most are stuffed with illegal drugs.  Hell how do you think these poor penniless Mexicans pay the thousands of dollars to coyotes to help them get North.  Simple---if they don't have the money they become cartel mules.  Mules, that are loaded with delights intended for millennial's, your corner drug dealer, and skid row bums who will steal anything for a temporary high that will make them oblivious to their real surroundings.   
But then every cloud has a silver-lining.  For obvious reasons dozens of small businesses have sprang up along the southern border.  Seems that enterprising entrepreneurs have discovered that the thousands of discarded backpacks could be quickly refurbished and sent south to stores where there is a booming demand.  Needless to say, these American business owners sending  these packs south were Hillary Clinton supporters and are now facing a bleak future with Trump ascending to the presidency.  I would advise these small business owners to get into what will become the fastest growing industry along the border----Cement and razor wire.     
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