Friday, January 6, 2017

Chicago breeding Black Rabid Racist Dogs

Barack Obama will give a farewell speech this next week in Chicago celebrating all he has done for it's citizens and America.  Yes, all in the windy city should thank Barack for the over 700 murders in the streets and the successful breeding of at least 4 rabid black dogs who recently terrorized and tortured a young mentally impaired young man for being white and a Trump supporter.  While at the same time live streaming their salute to President Obama on their Facebook account.  While our president was quick to condemn the act of the "Chicago Four", he wasted little time in declaring this to be an isolated event that had nothing to do with the uplifting environment afforded the citizens of his home town, Chicago. 
But when Dylann Root killed 4 innocent black church members in South Carolina President Obama was quick to declare that no one acts alone and like many on the left pointed an accusing finger at the confederate flag and actually the white community in that region, as a whole as being a factor in the killer's deranged act.  
All thinking Americans should be grateful the Bully Pulpit will be taken away from this race-baiting hypocrite we now have for a president in just 14 short days.
Thanks to Hope n' Change Cartoons  for the theme of this post.
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