Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Former President Obama and family take final flight on Air Force One to Palm Springs at taxpayer's expense.

Following the inauguration ceremonies at the capital on Jan 20, former president Obama and family will return to the White House and be flown to Joint Base Andrews aboard Marine One where they will board Air Force One for a trip to Palm Springs, California at taxpayers expense.  Obama has managed to log some 2799 hours and 6 minutes aboard the presidential plane while being in office.  That converts to 116 days in which he visited some 56 countries and 49 states, with the one exception being Maryland.  Of course Air Force One is based in Prince George's County which is in MD.  For those who may be interested 2799 flying hours converts to some 1,119,600 miles assuming an average speed of 400mph.  Something more than 2 1/2 round trips to the moon.  Like the sound of that half trip to the moon in the case of Barack.  The question I have about this final trip aboard Air Force One is why should taxpayers pick up this tab, and why should a former president be allowed use of this plane after he leaves office.  I should point out, that Air Force One will not bear that designation on the Palm Springs trip since it will not be carrying the current president of the United States.  I do wonder if he got permission from President Trump to borrow the aircraft!!!  I can hear him now, "please Mr. President don't make me and Michelle fly commercial coach to Palm Springs"!  
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