Thursday, January 12, 2017

Obama gives rousing farewell speech to sobbing supporters in Chicago as bullets fill the air outside the convention center

Just this week in his adopted home town of Chicago, President Obama gave his rousing farewell speech to thousands of sobbing supporters who had gathered hoping to hear the silver-tongued orator or just perhaps touch his flowing robe.  While outside the building in which their exalted leader was speaking, gun smoke and bullets filled the air, as the great one listed the many achievements of the last 8 years.  Achievements only matched by the Roman Emperor, Nero.  The Emperor, who had enough strength and fortitude to strike up a tune on his fiddle as right wing supporters of the opposition burned down the city around him.  Obama and Nero have much in common  Their preoccupation with lions.  While one insisted on feeding the great beast choice cuts of Christians,  the other arrived in this country just one step ahead of the Pride with a cultivated  taste for dark meat.     
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