Thursday, January 5, 2017

President Trump to send troops into Combat Zone

It's beginning to look as the only solution to the Chicago shootings problem is to put boots on the ground.  I suspect president Trump will find almost unanimous support for this move.  But don't expect to see the residents in the combat zone to be waiving flags as the troops march in.  For although most citizens in that area do not approve in any way of the violence raging there, they are in fact, directed tied to the drug dealing industry that is responsible for the hot lead filling the air of the windy city.  Donald Trump should federalize the Illinois National Guard.  Put them of the streets of Chicago with orders to fire if fired on by the roving gangs.  Gangs, who members are just stupid enough to shoot at troops.  Maybe this will prove to be the best way to thin the ranks of these murderers, thieves, rapist and rappers.  
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