Saturday, January 7, 2017

THE Elite and New World Order are Crying. Trump is President

The New World Order of Elites and Globalist are on their death bed as a new Nationalism sweeps across the land.  No longer will the common man of America have his fate tied to the whims of some despot across the waters.  No longer will American's have to fear the encroachment of ideologies that are antithetical to our values and customs.  No longer will the United States move closer and closer to a one world government.  A world in which the individual is minimized for the collective good.  A world in which the individual is little more than a mere cog in some gigantic machine.  Once again this nation is on the path set by the founders.  A path that embraces the individual even with all the flaws that come with it.  Men must either be masters of their own fate or consign their future to some unknown and distant entity.     
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