Sunday, January 22, 2017

President Trump evicts articulate Black Man from Subsidized Housing in Nation's Capital

In a shocking display of white privilege and rampant racism Donald Trump on the very day of his inauguration has evicted an articulate unemployed black man and his family from their federally subsidized housing in the shadow of the monument to the Great Emancipator (The Lincoln Memorial) in Washington D.C.  This event was watched by millions of cheering undesirables in the vast wastelands of what has become known as Trump Country.  The poor black family has, for the moment, been relocated to a remote desert region in California known as Palm Springs.  Where they will be put on public display for the amusement of the nation's most elite who flock to this area from nearby La La Land for the specific purpose of being able to show their faux inclusiveness, by breaking bread with a black man who is an obvious victim of white privilege.   
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Meanwhile across town, 
a real mob seeks to overthrown 
the presidency of Donald Trump!

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