Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama is Putin's Puppet not Trump as Obama's actions in Crimea, Syria, and Iran Prove

Just yesterday, the Trump hater's over at CNN and other left-leaning outlets, led us to believe that the FBI and other agencies had information that indicated the Russian government had compromising information of President elect Donald Trump.  The implication was this information would enable Russian president Putin to exert some kind of Svengali-like control over incoming president Trump.  Whether, any compromising information exist it's Truth has yet to be proven.  And should such facts be in the hands of those at the Kremlin it is yet to be shown that Trump would be a submissive subject to threats of their release.  What is know, and is quite indisputable is that our current president, Barack Obama, did little when Putin sent his armies into Crimea and then across the more established borders of Ukraine.  And after drawing a red line in Syria failed to act when president Assad blatantly ignored it, but instead bowed to the suggestion by President Putin they could handle that situation.   Now we are faced with an out of control civil war in that nation that is costing hundred of thousands their lives.  And Obama has placed the United States in the position of being little more than a placid observer to the unfolding humanitarian crisis there. 
Clearly, through his actions, or should I say lack of action, it is Obama that has behaved more like "Putin's Puppet" than Donald J. Trump.  So why is it, that those in the elite media are so determined to depict Trump as a possible Putin Puppet, in short some kind of Manchurian Candidate who would be answerable, not to the will of the American people, but to the whims of some foreign dictator.  Could it just be they are attempting to deflect attention from Obama's documented failures in the Middle East.  Failures that will have long lasting effects and will spill over into the new Trump administration and will take years to clean up---if that is even possible.  So to protect the legacy of outgoing president Obama from the mess he has left in the Middle East and around the world the media is already in damage control for soon to be ex-president Obama.  Those at outlets such as CNN are aware that Obama's mess will not go away when he leaves office, so they hope to place blame for the long term turmoil in that region of the shoulders of the man soon to occupy the White House.  Therefore, they are labeling Trump as Putin's Puppet and would have you forget that it was President Obama who was the real puppet on the string. 
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