Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump will restore Bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed to Oval Office

Shortly after taking office in 2009, President Obama had a bust of British World War II leader, Sir Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office.  Apparently, Obama did not appreciate the leadership of Churchill that brought that tiny island nation through the war.  Prior to the entrance of the U.S. in that conflict, it was Churchill more than anyone other leader who kept Europe from coming under the total control of Nazi Germany.  The bust of England's greatest leader was given to the United States to show the respect of the British people for the alliance between our two great countries in WWII.  Obama seemed to trash that respect by removing the bust from it's place of honor in the Oval Office and incoming president Donald J. Trump will restore it.  It's not the bust, but what it represents that is the issue here.  It is the bond between the U.S. and the UK that the bust represents.     

Or perhaps the real reason Obama had the bust removed from the Oval Office was his well known views of what many have seen as the scourge of Islam.
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