Saturday, January 23, 2010

"All Rise"

Remember the last time you were in a courtroom and heard those words "all rise" as the grand figure in the flowing black robe ascended the throne. Probably like most you stood, saying to yourself, its the court, its the law , its the office that I'm showing respect for. Your were wrong by standing you were showing your subservience to the government. By standing you were recognizing the governments seat and not the People's seat as Scott Brown would say.

Do you need to be reminded about this, you're damn right. Because recently after Brown's shattering win in Massachusetts the President said this in an interview when asked about Brown's victory, I'm paraphrasing: "Brown's victory came because I didn't explain my positions clearly, I was unable to get my point across to the American people". Really mister President, we didn't understand, we were just to dumb to figure out what you were saying, we were just some dumb truck-driving rednecks who didn't comprehend you beautiful flowing words. Mister did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe we weren't buying what you were selling. You arrogant pompous ass, don't act like the two bit car salesman who storms backs into his office after failing to move that rust-bucket off the lot, all the while blaming the stupid customer for not taking advantage of the super deal he was offered.

Mister President you are like that figure in the long flowing robe, who expects everyone to stand when he walks into the room. Well sir, this American will no longer bow at the altar of government. You sir, are the servant and we are the masters and should you ever forget that we can boot you out. For the seat you occupy is not yours, its only on loan for, it is the "people's seat". "All Rise", my ass!


Snarky Basterd said...

Amen ... and a big middle finger from each of my hands along with it.

The Born Again American said...

Being someone who uses (I refuse to use the words is confined to) a wheelchair, I while proposing a toast at my friends wedding jokingly asked everyone to get on their knees, as that would have the same affect as if I were standing... It got the appropriate chuckle... This bastard is trying to drive everyone to their knees to make himself appear larger than life... Not funny!!!

Dominique said...

Holy Cow! I wold say that about sums it up!

(L) said...

The arrogant "Bastard in Chief" must realize that respect is something earned not acquired automatically!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

Debbie said...

That shows how arrogant Obama really is. We were just too stupid to understand that he wanted us to bend over and spread 'um. Not really, we know when someone is trying to rape us and we just showed him that we're not interested.

Right Truth

Matt said...

You skewered the nailed it. He tried the hard sell. We just saw through the crap. His elitism is apparent, and no one is buying into it anymore. He's a failure. Worse that Carter by a country mile!

KG said...


Bill Smith said...

Very interesting position. But an interesting point is that a judge can hold anyone in contempt for anything without review or appeal. If he doesn't like your "backside" for not standing, he can toss you in jail on contempt and there is no minimum time period. Thus, I believe we stand in court out of fear verses out of respect.

Courts are to be arbitrators of the law (Justice is supposed to be blind) , therefore they are not representatives of we the people but of the law - good or bad.

It is time for Congress to excise its authority over the Federal courts and abolish the 9th Circuit for a start. This would get the attention of many Federal judges who are not elected. A few impeachment of Federal judges would help.

TexasFred said...

Bill, it's the 9th Circus Court... I thought you knew... :)

PatriotUSA said...

The mullah obamaham is the last person I would even consider 'all
rise' to. On the contrary the only
thing he would see from me is
sign language, one that even
he could understand. I would gladly be held in contempt than stand to the troll in the White House.

Amusing Bunni said...

Ron, this is a great post. You have to earn respect, and obama is not deserving of any of it. He's worse than used car salesmen. He's a petulant cry baby that will get worse and worse as he keeps getting rejected. Like the little brat who breaks the bat when he strikes out, so no one else can have fun! Ewww, I loathe him more each day. He won't stop until he has turned AMERICA into a 3rd world cesspool like Haiti.
He should go live there.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Odd that Obama could not get his message across but Scott Brown could...and his message was cut taxes, bury ObamaKare, have the strongest military possible, waterboarding is not torture and he doesn't think humans are warming the planet.

Polar opposites, yet he thinks he was misunderstood, but the fact is, Brown was understood.

Obama is a dangerous narcissist. But then all Marxist's can be described the same.

I can feel your intensity in this post. This man raises the hackles of every person with a tad of common sense and a fondness for the Constitution.

Thanks so much for coming by my place and commenting on the Inhofe post.

cmblake6 said...

And feel free to use this. Link it to him somehow. You know he's in this:

Teresa said...

That's right!! We are going to kick his sorry ass out of office come next election. Citizens are seeing right through his words. He is a liar and people aren't buying his garbage anymore. He is a self-serving arrogant SOB that really pisses me off.

MK said...

"...we were just some dumb truck-driving rednecks who didn't comprehend you beautiful flowing words."

That's exactly what he's thinking, like the islamists, leftists are incapable of taking any responsibility for anything, it's always everyone else.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

So, he is so smart and we are so stupid that he did not dumb it down enough for us to understand? This man continues to show his arrogance on an almost daily basis. Does he really feel that his condescending attitude helps him or is he just blind to it?