Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Shoe Box

Day One: In a small apartment house just south of the Ventura Freeway and north of Yosemite Drive near the campus of Occidental College on a street named Destiny Ln, the owner is cleaning out the attic of his small apartment house in preparation for its sale. He is planning to hold a large yard sell the next day. In a corner of the attic he finds a small shoe box filled will various old papers letters and photos. He glances at them only briefly before setting the box aside with the other items slated for the yard sell.
Day Two: Early that day Mr I. Foundit, a name that will echo throughout history strolls across the lawn at the house on Destiny Ln and looks at the many items filling the lawn. Mysteriously he is drawn toward the small shoe box marked one dollar. He picks it up and looks carefully at its contents. His face turns white and his hands began to tremble as he shuffles through the items in the box. Composing himself he quickly walks over to the man in charge, pays the one dollar and returns to his car.
Returning home, I. Foundit, a staunch conservative enters his house locking the door behind him, quickly drawing the blinds and sits himself at the kitchen table as he spreads the contents of the small shoe box on the table. He realizes he has a treasure trove. This simple man suddenly is holding the fate of the nation, and most certainly the fate of the president in his hands. For in the tiny shoe box he finds not only youthful pictures of the current president, but documents relating to his admission to Occidental College. Documents in which Barry, now Barack claimed to be a non-citizen, a foreign born student seeking to enroll under that colleges special program for foreigners. He also finds a copy of a Kenyan birth certificate.
Mr I. Foundit first impulse is to pick up the phone and call the newspapers and then the TV networks then he's suddenly faced with the reality, the truth---these guys would never believe him! What to do? What to do? He paces back and forth almost becoming a nervous wreck. He decides to sleep on it--if that would be possible.
Day Three: After a sleepless night Mr I.Foundit springs to his feet---he has made a decision! He oftens visits various conservative blogs so the solution is simple, he will send off copies of his great find to some of the best conservative blogs in the blogosphere. He carefully makes out his list then begins contacting and emailing the documents around the net.
Day Four:The internet explodes. Blogs coast to coast have picked up the story, first a dozen or so and then hundreds and by days end thousands of blogs are posting the story. But none mention Mr I.Foundit--this was his wish.
Day Five: The blogosphere is ablaze with these new revelations, but strangely the MSM and even FOX News remain silent afraid to be associated with the "Birthers. The roar on the Internet continues for day after day and grows even more intense.
Day Ten: Finally on day-10, FOX News airs the story for the first time, after confirming the validity of the documents. The nation is stunned! The White House is silent.
Day Eleven: FOX News interrupts with a breaking story: sources inside the Selective Service System have provided FOX with a letter dated June 2 1980, stating that he, Barack Hussein Obama, was not a citizen and therefore not required to register with them. This was in reply to an earlier letter sent to him by the SSS.
Day Twelve: Finally the MSM are forced to carry the story. Eyes across the nation are now looking to the White House, where all daily briefings have been cancelled---the voice of the President, Robert Gibbs is silent!
Day Thirteen: Rumors are flying that President Obama has resigned and that Vice President Joseph Biden has already been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Observers near the White House report seeing Marine One leave and head in the direction of Andrews Air Force Base.
Day Fourteen: Somewhere at his undisclosed location, believed to be on a small Caribbean Island Mr I. Foundit, "pops a top" on a cold one as he looks at the small Shoe Box.

This is of course, a work of fiction, but perhaps exposing truths hidden just below the surface.


Debbie said...

You really do know how to dream, Ron. Wishful thinking.....

But wouldn't it be lovely!

Right Truth

Matt said...

That's a good storyline. Someone could make a novel out of that.

(L) said...


Are you sure this was a work of fiction?

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

cmblake6 said...

We can only pray that truth turn out stranger than fiction. *SIGH*

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Well, that is certainly the most intriguing thing I have EVER read, but before I even got into the story, I was shocked to see a Kinney's shoe box. I had completely forgotten about Kinneys shoes!

Someday, someway, something like this will happen. Great read. I really enjoyed it.

Teresa said...

That was a great story. I must say that story really had me going. I was so hoping it was time to say BYE to Barry being president. That would have been a wonderful present to all of us.

Dolley Madison said...

Fantastic Story! Thank you! Is there anyway though that we didn't end up with Joe Biden.... perhaps we can frame this after the 2010 elections where Biden has gone mad and Boehner is sworn in....

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I love a story with a happy ending, although the words "President Biden" are only a little better than what we already have.

John Carey said...

Interesting story Ron. You know what is really interesting is how much money, time, and effort went into making the "birthers" a bunch of right wing kooks. I mean the networks spent relentlessly attacked their position. In the end they did a good job, because even if you mention the possibility of the story line being true, you are now equated and lumped in with all the other conspiracy nuts. It's nice to have the media backing you. Anyway very nice "fictional" story.

MK said...

I know there's a lot being hidden by the fellow in the white house, that much is for certain.

PatriotUSA said...

Well, we never know if such a
shoebox is out there. Great
story and our dreams may yet
become reality. The Biden
part is a smaller nightmare.
At least Americans would know
what they were getting with
Joe blow Biden


Forget the book, it should go straight to film. Well done Ron.

Snarky Basterd said...

Good stuff, Ron. You know there's a box like this out there somewhere...