Monday, January 11, 2010

The Truth is Not Allowed!!

It is now being learned that sometime ago Harry Reid spoke the truth. A rare and almost unforgivable sin among the lairs and thieves who inhabit that disgraceful place know as Capital Hill. Yes, Harry Reid spoke the truth and is being condemned no so much for what he said, but for his choice of words. A truth will ring clear no matter what the words, but alas poor Harry got caught using in public those words which he no doubt uses behind closed doors. But all should be use to this as the great leaders almost always do there dirty work behind those doors.

Harry had the nerve, the unmitigated gall to call Obama light-skinned and one who spoke without a negro dialect! Wow! That's an unforgivable truth and in words that are absolutely NOT politically correct. What, Obama is not a light-skinned negro who speaks without that black dialect. Maybe I missed something! Obama is a great speaker and one who is clearly articulate--oops, I said he is articulate (that is racist). By saying he is articulate I am implying that most blacks are not and in the world of political correctness that's a big no! no!

Obama was quick to pull Harry from the fire and forgive him, but I have to ask, forgive him for what----yes, you've got it, for telling the truth. That thing which cannot be allowed among the lairs and cheats in Washington, that place where "The Truth is Not Allowed"!

I for one will not condemn Harry for what he said, but I will not forgive his mea culpa at the alter of Obama!

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