Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"It's The People's Seat"

On rare occasions simple words can be heard above the roar of the crowd and several nights ago in the debate to fill the seat of Teddy Kennedy such words were heard when the moderator David Gergen, a lap dog for the Democrats, asked a question that was intended to put Scott Brown on the defensive but instead led to a memorable response from Scott Brown, the Republican candidate. "It's the people's seat".

Is Scott Brown every man's conservative, I doubt it. In a state long known for its "Liberals and Lobsters" he does however stand apart from the one that came before him, the one that occupied that senate seat he is now seeking. Time and circumstance has made Scott Brown the man of the hour and perhaps his time has come. His time has come at that moment when America stands at the crossroads. Its future unclear with historic traditions hanging in the balance. Yes, Scott could take that seat with the help of the ancestors of those original patriots who threw off the yoke of oppression hundreds of years ago at Boston harbor and founded this great nation. Scott you have it right, its not Kennedy's seat "It's The People's Seat"!

"It's The People's Seat!"

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