Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats Have No Place To Hide!

The election in Massachusetts is telling us one thing, the public isn't buying what the Democrats are selling. The almost unprecedented victory of Scott Brown over Martha Coakley has sent a chill up the spines of democrats in the capital and they are scurrying for cover like roaches when the spotlight is turned on them. Unlike the roaches however they have no place to hide.

Coakley had remarked about a week ago that if she didn't win, "2010 would be hell for Democrats", she at least got that right. As of this moment there are few safe seats for the party in power. Or let's just say the party is over and that reality, after yesterday's election, has sunk in.

Health Care and run-a-way spending were clearly the main issues in this campaign. Brown literally turned Massachusetts upside-down in a high-turnout election that left the Democrats stunned. This election could very easily mean the end for Obamacare! It was clearly a referendum on Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats agenda. Yes, the voters in the Bay State have put the spotlight on those low-life's in Washington that usually find safety behind closed doors, this time however they will find no place to hide!
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