Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Biden and Blackwater

Recently a federal judge dismissed the case brought against five Blackwater security guards charged with manslaughter in the shooting deaths of 17 Iraqis in 2007. End of case, one would think so, but not with the current bunch of military haters now in and around the White House. Granted the Blackwater security guard are not military, but they are as close as you can get and most if not all are former members of the armed serves of this country. With those in the White House going after SEAL's this is not surprising. It seems to me that the "military hater's" will do anything to strike out against our men and women in the military and those who work hand in hand with them.

A dismissal by a judge usually means end of story, but not with this bunch for they will move heaven and earth to put a notch on their gun. Not a notch for some dispatched enemy of the state, but a special one reserved for those who are trying their best to protect us.

Iraq was a war zone in 2007. Iraq is still a war zone and mistakes in the heat of battle will be made. And to hold these men responsible for any deaths in under such conditions is unacceptable. When almost every Iraqi man on the street carries a fire arm and explosions and shots are being heard from all quarters these men had the right and the duty to fire back. They were charged with protecting government and civilian personal and were simply doing their duty. It's regrettable that innocents were killed in the cross fire, but that is war!

Vice President Biden indicated that an dismissal of the charges against these men was NOT an acquittal and that the justice department would appeal the court's decision.

We have become use to this hatred by the American left over the years for any action taken by the U.S. Military and supporting groups. It seems the only time the left has anything positive to say about the military is when they are used in such things as the current effort in Haiti or when they have completed and won a hard fought battle and are returning home. On those occasions the left will suddenly admit they have done a great job. But the time, when the air is full of smoke and lead, at that time they will call our brave men murderers and war criminals. During that time they will repeatedly said the battle is lost and call for retreat. Those on the American left are the "sunshine patriots" who will wave the flag when the victory is won, but during the battle they will cry defeat, call for retreat and never, never step forward to support the troops. These "fair-weather" soldiers are not needed and they more than the enemy on the battlefield are the gravest danger to the state.
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Debbie said...

The left hates Blackwater as if they are some rogue group of vigilantis. Nothing could be further from the truth. As you pointed out, most are former military -- probably working with better equipment and better pay than they had in the military and doing a great job.

In Iraq we integrated some of the militias into the political process, now in Afghanistan they want to bring the Taliban in.

The truth is, they actually wanted a representative from the Taliban at the London conference, but so far no thumbs up for that. They think they can integrate the Taliban as they did the sons of Iraq, tribes, and some of Sadr's guys, but I don't believe it will work. The Taliban are different.

We have our military being tried for doing their jobs. We have people like Geert Wilders, (I just posted an interview with Dr. Paul Williams, who has been in a long time legal battle in Canada for his writings.) Scary stuff. Mark Steyn, Geert Wilders, Paul Williams, Rachael Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant, all on trial or having been tried for speaking the truth about Islamic terror.....

Our Navy Seals being tried for an accusation, no proof of anything,... Something is very wrong with this picture.

Right Truth

TexasFred said...

The Obama administration has once again shown that they are nothing less than America hating assholes!

KG said...

Unfortunately this isn't restricted to the civilians on the left who despise the military.
As Fort Hood showed, the PC (more correctly known as cultural marxism) poison has infected even the upper echelons of the military. Coupled with the inordinate influence lawyers (spit) have over military operations it's amazing anyone would choose to serve nowadays.

Ron Russell said...

You are right KG, there are leftist in high places even in the military--bastards!

Snarky Basterd said...

And this is why, if SubZero declares martial war and asks the military and police (most former military) to act his gestapo, they'll lay down their weapons and walk away. Trust me. I've talked to several. They all hate this pResident and the left, and they'll not break their promise to protect America.

TexasFred said...

Snarky Bassturd is 100% correct on this, I know far too many that will tell the America hating son of a b*tch to f*ck off...

But they won't lay down their guns when they do it...

Ron Russell said...

You've got that right Fred, "they won't lay down their weapons"!

PatriotUSA said...

This administration, the left wing
trolls are out to get Blackwater.
They will stop at nothing to make
sure they pay for helping Iraq
step out of the dark ages, at
least for now. Look at Debbie's
comments for all who are being
persecuted by by these traitors
who hate the military, civilians
who served in the war on terror.
Oops! I used that term and words;
the war on terror. Is that a knock
at my door?

Locked and loaded.

John Carey said...

Having retired from the military after 23 years of service I can tell you that I had the honor of serving with some of the best America has to offer. These outstanding folks know the score and take their oath seriously.

God bless America and the US Military!

(L) said...


All these Socialist, American Hating assholes out to be taken out back and shot!

If it were not for these brave men, the war in Iraq could have and probably would have gone much worse!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

MK said...

Is it any wonder that the military has nothing but contempt for worthless cockroaches like biden and his master.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

This is absurd! Biden is more interested in appealing to the far left than he is about justice. Do the far left even care about this any more? This administration hates the miiltary and everything they stand for.

Teresa said...

The leftists have shown there true colors time and time again as haters of our military. There are definitely leftist plants high up in the military specifically targeting the best and brightest soldiers who are willing to defend our nation. I can't stand these anti-American pigs.