Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osama and Obama

We learned today that Osama, not to be confused with Obama, is making the U.S. the prime villian blaming us for yet another in a long and growing list of sins against man and nature. Yes today, Osama joined hands with Obama in blaming the United States for global warming. Welcome to the "world of Obama", Osama. I do however, believe that he came around to your way of thinking long ago. Yes, Osama if you hadn't been stuck in that cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan we would know just how much you have in common with our fearless leader Obama. After all the only difference between you two is "BS". And I almost forgot, "pork chops" and "lamb chops"! Oops, I left out, one of you has to look east while the other looks west at prayer time!
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