Saturday, January 30, 2010

Osama and Obama

We learned today that Osama, not to be confused with Obama, is making the U.S. the prime villian blaming us for yet another in a long and growing list of sins against man and nature. Yes today, Osama joined hands with Obama in blaming the United States for global warming. Welcome to the "world of Obama", Osama. I do however, believe that he came around to your way of thinking long ago. Yes, Osama if you hadn't been stuck in that cave somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan we would know just how much you have in common with our fearless leader Obama. After all the only difference between you two is "BS". And I almost forgot, "pork chops" and "lamb chops"! Oops, I left out, one of you has to look east while the other looks west at prayer time!



I all but fell over laughing when I heard about this. I hope this is the death nail in all this climate change nonsense.

MK said...

Apart from obama not being a terrorist himself, i have to say both share a dislike of America.

The one other difference i can point to is that, while one is hiding in a hole somewhere, the other is on the inside.

John Carey said...

Well that's it; global warming alarmists now have the endorsement of one of those most wanted terrorists on the planet. How proud they must be...

The Born Again American said...

Again your ability to look at things from a really unigue prospective amazes me...

Finally a definitive answer on this pressing problem... Osama has been studying the affects of global warming on the fleas in his beard and has established that the earth must be warming as fleas tend to go dormant in cooler weather and they are as prevalent as ever... When it gets really cold they migrate from his beard to his crotch... Here's hoping for some really cold weather...

Ron Russell said...

Global warming from a flea-ridden Osama perspective---great!!!!

Paul Champagne said...

A little BS can go a long way. One is jet-setting around the world ... the other hiding in a cave.

And yet ... the mind-set is the same.

The Right Look said...

Me thinks the cave is making the cave rat a bit senile!

Blame America all you want Osama and Obama! Your days are finite to say the least. Elections come and elections go. People who have to live in caves eventually die too.

Ron, great piece of writing man!


Debbie said...

Love the image. It is funny how people still continue to get the names mixed up.

In fact my spell check for Outlook Express until recently would suggest "Osama" rather than Obama. I see that this has been corrected.

I've been shoveling snow, putting out salt, what an icy mess here.

Hope you are feeling better Ron.

Right Truth

Teresa said...

It does seem that Osama and Obama have much in common. They both play the blame America game.

christian soldier said...

Great cartoon ...
bho is a terrorist in a more subtle form that obl...both hate this take..
Glad you are feeling better-
Like your historical post below - you will be interested in this one...

PatriotUSA said...

Really surprised it took Osama,
er I mean Obama, Obamsmama
I mean both of these Islamic terrorists to blame
it on us, here, the USA.
Obama is a domestic
terrorist as far as
I am concerned.
His hatred for the
United States our
military, our history
makes him fully qualified
to be an enemy of the the
states, the United States.

Hope you are on the mend, Ron.

(L) said...


Love the banner! It is scary how close the two are!

BS is the biggest problem we face today!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

drjim said...

Fabulous post!

Louis la Vache said...


«Louis» saw your comment at his occasional blog. Being a Navy buff, he was interested in your comment that you had been on the Yorktown.

Hornet, CV12 is berthed at Pier 3 at the old Alameda Naval Air Station, in the same spot where Hornet CV8 took on the B-25s used in the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo.

«Louis'» daily blog is San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Ron Russell said...

The Yorktown when I was on it was CVS 10 home port of Longbeach. We spent most of our state side time off the west coast tracking Russian subs up and down the coast---too many years ago to relate.