Monday, January 18, 2010

Revolt on the Imemine Plantation

Not too far from the mighty Potomac sets a great white house, you're thinking the White House, wrong! Its Arlington House, the home of the great grand daughter of George Washington, the wife of General Robert E. Lee. Arlington was a great plantation in its day and the home of many slaves. Across the Potomac and only a short distance away stands another great house, formerly known as the White House, but now known as the Imemine Plantation, home of the current President of the United States, Barack Himself Obama the great plantation master.

To master Obama everything is "I", "me" and "mine". But all is not well at the Imemine Plantation despite the harsh hand of the two task masters Horrible Harry and Nasty Nancy. Master Barack Himself Obama is feeling uneasy in his great chair, as a distance sound is heard, "It's the people's seat" and the sound grows louder as the voice draws near. Then suddenly from nowhere a man appears, and its:

Bad, bad "Scott-can Brown"
Baddest damn man in Boston town!
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