Sunday, January 10, 2010

Throw Me Something Mister!

Next month it will be carnival time again in the Big Easy, better known as New Orleans and the crowds will line Canal street and others in the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) as Mardi Gras gets into full swing. And hundreds of thousands of screaming revelers will line the narrow streets as the various Krewe's stage their parades for seven days. Many revelers will be in a drunken stupor as the floats from Rex and Zulu go by and the most single sound heard from the crowd will be, "thrown me something mister". And those on the floats with their ghost-like mask will fling tens of thousands of beaded necklaces to the waiting out-stretched hands while the roar of "thrown me something mister" booms throughout the crowds.

This year however, the carnival has started early and not in the streets of New Orleans, but in the halls of congress but the sound is the same, "thrown me something mister". And those on the floats of the Krewe of Pelosi and the Krewe of Reed hear the voices of the drunken masses and toss, not the Mardi Gras beads, but the tax-payer's dollars and the greedy hands fight for the Grant's and Franklin's floating in the wind. Yes, its Carnival time in Washington, but when the party is over and only a faint echo of "thrown me something mister" can be heard, there will be the roar of one hell of a hangover!

Just a note, some one million beaded necklaces will be tossed to the million or so party goers in New Orleans, if this was stimulus money instead of beads each of the million revelers could expect to be buried by some $800,000 dollars.

Relax for a couple of minutes and enjoy the sights and sounds of Carnival time in the Big Easy and forget about all the s**t at the nuthouse in Washington!!


Teresa said...

Thanks for the look at Mardis Gras. Our congressman need to stop acting like a bunch of drunken people hankering for their next fill of money.

The Born Again American said...

Aren't the young ladies supposed to prompt the bead throwing by a little gratuitous bearing of their breasts?

Please Dear God in Heaven don't tell Nancy Pelosi that... That would leave us all scarred for life...

Kidding aside, great post and even better comparison...

Ron Russell said...

That's great! You are right, I hadn't thought of that. Guess you would call that two for one deal>

Debbie said...

Great comparison, wanting something for nothing, and in many cases something they don't need.

I'm reminded of those women in (Chicago?), wanting some of that "Obama money".

I've never been to Mardi Gras, not exactly my cup of tea.

Right Truth

Bill Smith said...

I wanted to post something about Mardi Gras but I got hung up on the cool looking "fat belly ad" below the comment section.

Never been to Mardi Gras. Everyone tells me that being below sea level, New Orleans actually stinks and you feel like taking a bath -- or having another drink depending on where you are.

Other than Ron's great post, what are the other truths about Mardis Gras. Interesting that the Indians traded away their "riches" for cheap beads and I hear many of the Mardi Gras goers do the same.

Being married to each other for over 70% of our lives, my wife and I just banked up and saved our "riches" for each other. No cheap beads allowed. HUM!

Matt said...

Great comparison Ron. It is perfect.

(L) said...


That was Bro who left the comment about Nancy Pelosi and being scarred for life, but thanks for reading my post!

I agree with your comparison. It reminds me of the line in the song, "I Want My MTV" "We get money for nothing, and our chicks for free" Too bad we are the one's picking up the tab for all of it!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Ron! That is a good analogy. Except that we are paying the tab and we'll never wake up from their drunker stupor!

I've never been to mardi gras either. It looks like it would be too wild for me, I don't like drunken crowds.
I've been to Vegas a while ago, that was fun. I"m going to watch "The Hangover" tonight from the redbox. I laughed alot in the movies.
Thanks for your kind words over my way. I appreciate it. We have to belive things always work out the best in the end. Esp. when you have truth and goodness on your side.

MK said...

Much of the western world has been like that for a long time now, throw me something mister, something that my neighbor worked for.

That's the shameful reality of it

Barking Spider said...

One million beaded necklaces - that's two million tits, Ron!

PatriotUSA said...

Looks like the hands
at the pig trough of
Chicago politics. I
went to Mardi Gras
a very long time ago
when I was in College.
Can't seem to recall
very much except that
bail was $550.00 and
we were escorted to the
city limits by three
cruisers and smacked
around a bit before they
finally left us alone to

I think I had a good time.
There were lots of two for
one deals. Young and
foolish. Glad most of
that is in the past.

Great post, Ron!