Friday, January 22, 2010

The Four-Headed Hydra

Wealth redistribution is destructive in many ways, but the worst is the under-mining of a basic American principle---the right to work and to keep the fruits of your labor. Recently I got to thinking about all the rights we have lost over the years in the name of public safety and the list is indeed long. And now a new snake is rearing it's ugly head and "public safety" and "wealth redistribution" are no longer alone. The new kid on the block is "public health" and if anything it will be more vicious. Some groups have been suffering the abuses of this monster for a number of years, mainly those who smoke---the tax abuses imposed on this minority are staggering and punitive. And now this new administration with its Keynesian Economics is getting ready to turn this monster on other groups seeing little resistance to the abusive taxes leveled on smokers. They have alcohol, sugar, soft drinks, snack foods and many other things in their sights and are already planning how to spend the new revenues that will be raised. And a fourth snake is beginning to show itself, migrating from the west coast and quickly spreading eastward. This new menace is called "Protective Environmentalism", this is perhaps the most dangerous, for its venom can infect the entire populous. Unlike "public health" it doesn't just seek-out the over-weight, the smoker, the drinker, the teenager with his soft drink, this new menace has a voracious appetite consuming everything in its path--liberty, freedom and individualism. This four-headed Hydra is seeking to destroy our freedoms under the guise of, "Wealth Redistribution", "Public Safety", "Public Health", and "Protective Environmentalism" and it must be destroyed.

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The Born Again American said...

They can have my Heineken bottle the day they pry my cold dead fingers from around it...

Life is too short to drink domestic beer...

Seriously, they are planning to control every aspect of our lives... Their "smart grid" will control the thermostat in your house becauase we are too studid to understand that it costs money to live comfortably... (I thought that was a right)

The cars they want us to drive won't save a dime, because you'll have to make three trips to the store just to carry a weeks worth of groceries...

This protective enviromentalism still in the words of Van Jones, won't give "Pookie" a job, cause "Pookie" don't want no job, he's living the dream on other entitlement programs...

TexasFred said...

Hopefully, Obamanomics is going to give us another Reagan, sadly, I don't see ANYONE that even remotely possesses that potential...

The Right Look said...

As if there was not enough to have to think and worry about!

Protective Environmentalism is how they plan to take over the whole world!

Eyes peeled America?!

The Right Look

Always On Watch said...

Recently I got to thinking about all the rights we have lost over the years in the name of public safety and the list is indeed long.

All in the name of utopia, though the name "utopia" isn't mentioned because, historically, every overt utopia has failed.

About this post...."Hydra" is the perfect analogy!

Debbie said...

AOW is correct, all this is in search of some form of perfection, utopia, which is unattainable.

Right Truth

Teresa said...

These environmental nutjobs are imposing their ludicrous beliefs on us like we are their slaves and just supposed to fall in line. Oh hell no!! This is time to fight harder than ever against this tyranny being forced upon us. We must fight to keep our freedom and liberty. They are trying to create a utopian society that can never exist.

PatriotUSA said...

The state I reside in, Oregon
is the home planet for all these
environmental, food, drink,
tobacco, air, land, sea, plant,
animal, natural resources(drill,
baby, drill is where I am)
assasins and nazis.I have
watched this agenda ruin
this state and so many others
across the country. I say f--k
you, utopia driven asshats.

All those so called 'smart meters'
have done nothing but made rate
payers utility costs skyrocket
every place they have been installed. Hmmm..
Designed in,perhaps? They ain't gonna get my guns, beer, whiskey, cigars, sugar and they damn well better leave my supercharged Buick Riviera alone. Maybe I need to apologize to these utopiatards that my car only gets 33MPG on the highway. I better toss some more WOOD into our WOOD STOVE before this is against the law too. Here in Oregon they want to close down our only coal fired power plant 20 years earlier than planned on. they think green energy will be able to replace that lost power. Yeah, right. Ask the people of Denmark how well this has worked.

Ron, thanks again for a great
article. Will be cross posting
this one.


I blame Stalin!


The purpose of taxes is to raise money for the basic needs of society, not for social engineering. Great post Ron.

John Carey said...

Obama has launched an all out assault on the private sector. He and his cronies will not be satisfied until they control every aspect of the private sector and the means of production. What I want to know is when the private sector is going to bite back?

The banking industry for example is being singled out and attacked by the threat of more taxes and limited expansion regulations. What Constitutional authority does the government have to impose such heavy restrictions on private companies? I would challenge it under the "equal protection clause" if I were the banks. Great post! Long live the free market.

Neshobanakni said...

But what about Environmental Justice? Surely it's wrong to put a refinery in the boondocks where the poor people live, instead of on a scenic lakefront! Oh, wait, ... we haven't built a refinery in this country in forty years. Frakkin' greenies.

christian soldier said...

Well said!!!
We have awakened and realize that we have allowed them to believe they are 'royalty'...that stopped - OH- around 1775-1776 !!--

Mr Pink Eyes said...

WHile the "public health" head is bad enougn, the realy scary one will be the "protective environment" head. It is this head that will begin to take away many of our rights, this is the head that must be killed first. Only slightlu less dangerous is the "public health" head.
All that this monster wants to do is to take away freedons, and the best way to do that is to take away our money. The monster has grown strong over the years because it has been ignored, but the monster is too big now and it must be stopped.