Monday, January 25, 2010

They Just Don't Get It!

They just don't get it! In an interview today on FOX Robert Gibbs, Obama's mouth peace, told Mike Wallace that Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts was caused by voter anger an anger that was not unlike that, that swept Obama to victory. On that point we can agree. But then Gibbs went off into lala land as he went into his hyper-spin mode saying, "that kind of anger and dissatisfaction at the fact that Washington far too many times puts the special interests ahead of the people's interests-- that anger still persist." Gibbs said, that's what the people in Massachusetts voted on.

Lets set the record straight, Obama's win was caused by the failure in some areas of the Bush administration and two unpopular wars. It was caused by anger, but anger at the Bush administration. And the victory by Scott Brown was caused by anger, anger at Obama and his policies--namely Obama Care and run-a-way spending and the possibility of higher taxes. The two elections were similar in that both Obama and Scott were elected by voters angry at the administration in power in Washington. The White House has totally missed the message sent by the voters in the Massachusetts election.

Gibbs continued in his usual delusional spin mode until the end insisting the voters of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown, not because of what he campaigned on--namely his opposition to the Obama agenda---but rather he was elected because of anger against some unidentified special interest, at this point in time probably "Fat-Cat Bankers". In other words, according to Gibbs, Brown's election was not the administrations fault! They just don't get it!


(L) said...


SSHHHHH!!!! Let them stay in their delusional world. This way when we kick the sh-t out of them in November they won't see it coming. They really are that stupid!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

TexasFred said...

1. Robert Gibbs is an IDIOT!

2. Bush made some serious errors, Iraq was one of them, but most Americans were very supportive of Afghanistan, I mean, since that was where most of the 9-11 attackers came from.

3. Bush burnout had a bit to do with Obama getting elected, but the GOP/RNC had a lot more responsibility, they put up the biggest RINO they could find and tried to make him more acceptable by using a MILF for window dressing.

4. Scott Brown, he was elected in protest TO Obama. Brown may be conservative by Massachusetts standards but this guy bears some serious watching, he has been mentored by John McCain. That does NOT speak well of him.

5. Did I mention? Robert Gibbs is a MORON!

Proof said...

The other Pillsbury doughboy, George Steppin-poppinfresh, interviewed Obama who parroted the same talking point. Eight years of blah, blah, blah that swept me into office, put Brown there, too!
Only if the voters had really been angry with Bush for "eight years" they'd have kicked him out in four!
Plus, it makes no sense that if the voters were angry and frustrated at Bush, that they would remove the vote that gave Obama a supermajority in the Senate, if they were happy with his performance!

Debbie said...

They may not be a clueless as they look, they are good at acting. It's all politics. They would lose their far left base for sure if they suddenly did a 180.

Also on Scott Brown, remember he was FOR Mass. government run health care, but against Obamacare. If he were truly a conservative like us, he would have been against all government health care.

Right Truth

hbl said...

Gibbs routinely exhibits the gifts necessary to be a Presidential mouthpiece.

PatriotUSA said...

They are deaf, dumb and blind
but perhaps, only to a point.
I agree with Ron. They just do
not get it. I hope they don't. Obama has already given us hints that he will push even harder to try and establish the leftarded ' I have a dream of Uptopiaville' and such. The danger is for conservatives to become complacent, and
we cannot afford
to become so.

Texas Fred is correct:
Scott Brown bears watching.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

We were definitely Bush-weary, but Obama won because the press did not report. Had there been tiny seeds planted that Obama was, indeed, inexperienced, was radically Left (and the goods to back that up), the vote would have been different.

Now "the people" know. I believe the administration believes the Rules for Radicals, which calls for complete disorganization, to enable reorganization, and for "keeping the pressure on, with different tactics and actions."

Gibbs always appears to be on the outside, trying to say what the inside wants.

Scott Brown won because "the people" are a lot wiser now than one year ago.

That's where the waffling on health care come in. They forgot about the rule, until they remembered it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The People are being IGNORED. The People are TIRED of being PUSHED. After Scott's election, Mr Obama STILL came out and said, plainly and bluntly, he was going to CONTINUE PUSHING.

The politicians don't understand the current paradigm -- and that's on BOTH sides of the aisle.

If the GOVERNMENT keeps PUSHING, they will not, repeat, NOT, enjoy the consequences.


MK said...

Gibbs is not being a good spokesboy, obama blamed it mostly on Bush, not special interests.

Either way, who gives a shit, if those retards want to blame everyone else, so be it, roll on 2010 baby.

Ayrdale said...

They just don't get it because they are in denial. They can't face the fact that the real world is a lot different to their imaginary one.

Exactly the same refusal to face facts is shown by green climate scientists. In Australia a so called climate expert claims the sceptics are winning the day because of a highly organised, well paid, well funded campaign ! Not a word about bad science, lies and disinformation from the IPCC...

John Carey said...

I gotta tell you Ron, I'm hoping they stay in the denial mode. They are hemorrhaging independents with every radical thought that comes out of their yappers. We need more of this crap spewing from their lips so more people wake up and embrace the principles of limited government, liberty, and property rights. We need to reach the level when all progressives will deny even being a progressive because the name alone will equate with socialism. It starts with the root cause of our problems (progressives) and ends with them being defeated this November and many more Novembers.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Obama has either totally missed the boat on the Massachusetts election or he is in spin mode. I think that he really doesn't believe the voters could possibly be mad at him. That is fine, I hope that he continues to feel this way. Let him continue to blame everyone else right up until he loses his majority in both houses. Maybe then he will get it.

Neshobanakni said...

Compassionate conservatism was probably the worst of both worlds. But Dubya was never so powerful as to cause folks to be so deranged as to vote for his party in order to defy GWB. The universe cannot allow such a black hole of stupidity to exist. Even in DC or NYC.

christian soldier said...

"They just don't get it!"
They know what they are doing -and can obfuscate at they are well tuned with Alinsky's RULES...

Snarky Basterd said...

Gibbs is a tool. On the other hand, is he really going to admit to America that SubZero and Congress are deliberately trying to fundamentally change America? Of course, not. So the blame Bush game will continue ... until they're gone.

Teresa said...

This is one administration filled with arrogant SOB's and jokers. And, the ultimate joker is Robert Gibbs. These people don't get or they do, but it is evident that they don't give a rats a$$ what the American people's wishes are. This administration prefers tyranny to freedom and liberty. Let's be vigilant and kick the commies out in 2010 & 2012.

LD Jackson said...

"They Just Don't Get It" is the understatement of the year. Gibbs should have shut up while he was ahead, but instead, he kept shoving that leg down his throat.