Monday, January 25, 2010

They Just Don't Get It!

They just don't get it! In an interview today on FOX Robert Gibbs, Obama's mouth peace, told Mike Wallace that Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts was caused by voter anger an anger that was not unlike that, that swept Obama to victory. On that point we can agree. But then Gibbs went off into lala land as he went into his hyper-spin mode saying, "that kind of anger and dissatisfaction at the fact that Washington far too many times puts the special interests ahead of the people's interests-- that anger still persist." Gibbs said, that's what the people in Massachusetts voted on.

Lets set the record straight, Obama's win was caused by the failure in some areas of the Bush administration and two unpopular wars. It was caused by anger, but anger at the Bush administration. And the victory by Scott Brown was caused by anger, anger at Obama and his policies--namely Obama Care and run-a-way spending and the possibility of higher taxes. The two elections were similar in that both Obama and Scott were elected by voters angry at the administration in power in Washington. The White House has totally missed the message sent by the voters in the Massachusetts election.

Gibbs continued in his usual delusional spin mode until the end insisting the voters of Massachusetts elected Scott Brown, not because of what he campaigned on--namely his opposition to the Obama agenda---but rather he was elected because of anger against some unidentified special interest, at this point in time probably "Fat-Cat Bankers". In other words, according to Gibbs, Brown's election was not the administrations fault! They just don't get it!
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